Week 1 lecture/demo/work day Homework
05.28 Introduction to course


-course policies

-studio tour


05.29 Demo-Grayscale

Value exercises


Work time

Acquire texts and materials
05.30 Introduce Painting #1_photo collage value study

Work day


Demo_projector / grid

Demo_underpainting/washes/paint application techniques


Grayscale exercises due


Acquire source imagery

Week 2    
06.03 Demo_Stretcher frame

Demo_stretching canvas

Read ch.1, 2, 5 in text

Compositional studies complete & ready to be transferred canvas.

06.04 Work day
06.05 Critique assignment #1

Introduce Assignment #2_ still life_alla prima

 Assignment #1 due_

5 collages + Final painting

06.06 Color Theory_exercises

Demo_Alla Prima

Work Day

Week 3  
06.10 NO CLASS_Instructor Away­_Research Day / Work Day  
06.11 Work Day

Introduce Assignment #3_ experimental/ mixed media

Demo_experimental techniques.

Introduce Assignment #4_ Art historical Emulation / research presentation






Critique Assignment #2_ still life_alla prima




Assignment #2 due_

3 studies and 1 Final  painting


06.13 Work Day / Research Day Choose artists for Assignment #4_email decisions for approval by 6.15.
Week 4    
06.17 Work Day


06.18 Work Day  
06.19 Critique Assignment #3_experimental/ mixed media Assignment #3 due_

2 studies + Final painting

06.20 Roundtable discussion_ Fernand Leger “contemporary achievements in painting”.

Work Day

Read and writen response to Fernand Leger Essay
Week 5    
06.24 Work Day  
06.25 Work Day
06.26 Work Day  
06.27 Critique Assignment #4_ Art historical Emulation / research presentation Final portfolios due



*Schedule subject to alteration by instructor


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